South Pole Ice Core


2016/17 Antarctica
DECEMBER 13, 2016
Update provided by Murat Aydin

The drill trench after the drill tent has been removed. The extended borehole casing is in the center of the picture. Credit: Joe Souney

Camp shut-down has been successfully completed. As of Monday, 12-Dec, the entire South Pole Ice Core camp was packed up, the borehole casing was extended about 4-feet above the surface, and most of the trench backfilled with snow.

Everyone except Emma has flown to McMurdo on a 13-Dec PAX flight. Emma is scheduled to fly with the cold-deck later in the day and arrive to McMurdo very early on 14-Dec.

The camp has been closed and all I-164-S cargo is packed and ready for retro, sitting in the cargo line of South Pole Station.

The second cold-deck did not happen this week. A cold-deck was planned first for 09-Dec and then for 12-Dec but both got canceled. There is a good chance it will happen on a late night flight on 13-Dec.[Update: the cold-deck was successfully completed; the cold-deck arrived to McMurdo around 05:00 on 14-Dec. Emma Kahle escorted the ice on the cold-deck flight.

The dust log by Ryan Bay (I-194-S) has been successfully completed (2 trips). The IDDO camera has also been successfully deployed down the borehole.

Weather has been good at South Pole this past week. Temperatures were in the -25 C to -29 C range this past week. Everyone is in good health.

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