South Pole Ice Core


South Pole Ice Core (SPICEcore) data is archived at the U.S. Antarctic Program Data Center (USAP-DC).

Dataset PIs / Scientists NSF Award(s)
The South Pole Ice Core (SPICEcore) chronology and supporting data Osterberg, Erich 1443336
SPICEcore Holocene CO2 and N2O data Brook, Edward J. 1443550
South Pole (SPICECORE) 15N, 18O, O2/N2 and Ar/N2 Sowers, Todd A.; Severinghaus, Jeffrey P. 1443464
Ice core ethane measurements, Greenland and Antarctica, 1000-1900 CE. Aydin, Murat 1644245
South Pole high resolution ice core water stable isotope record for dD, d18O Vaughn, Bruce; Kahle, Emma; Jones, Tyler; Morris, Valerie; White, James; Steig, Eric J.; Schauer, Andrew 1443328
South Pole area GPS velocities
Shallow radar near South Pole
Conway, Howard; Waddington, Edwin; Koutnik, Michelle 1443471
AC-ECM for SPICEcore Fudge, T. J.; Waddington, Edwin D. 1443232
c-Axis Fabric of the South Pole Ice Core, SPC14
South Pole Ice Core (SPIcecore) Visual Observations
Fegyveresi, John; Alley, Richard; Voigt, Donald E. 1542778
South Pole Ice Core (SPICEcore) SPC14 Core Quality Versus Depth Twickler, Mark; Souney, Joseph Jr.; Aydin, Murat; Steig, Eric J. 1142646